Thank you for the great response to our 2023 Scholarship contest!

We genuinely enjoyed reading all the essays and getting to know more about each applicant.  Thank you for your hard work and determination!

2023 AgFed CU Foundation Scholarship Recipients

“Winning the AgFed Credit Union scholarship means so much to me. Going to college is a serious financial commitment that will affect me well into the future. This award helps me feel more comfortable taking this next step in my life and relieving some of the burden of paying for college. Thank you for this opportunity and recognition. 

– Ian T.

“I am so grateful to receive the 2023 AgFed CU Foundation Scholarship because it will really help me pay for my education and reach my goals. This scholarship will go a long way in financing my educational journey and I hope to pay it forward one day by financially helping someone else in the future.”

– Serena G.


“I’m so appreciative of the scholarship from the Agricultural Federal Credit Union. This scholarship will help me to continue my graduate studies and work towards financial security while pursuing a career I am passionate about in international development. “

– Stephanie M.


“Thank you so very much for awarding me this scholarship. My family and I are very grateful for this award. Winning this scholarship means so much to me. It helps my family and I by alleviating some of the financial burden of my college education, while I work towards achieving my career goal of becoming a Ship Captain.”

– Jason H.

“I am so happy and grateful for this opportunity. I’d like to thank the Board of Directors for making me a recipient of the 2023 AgFed CU Foundation Scholarship. This will help me cover tuition for the fall semester.”

– Tiffany E.







Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or would like any additional information.