Thank you to all our scholarship applicants for your hard work, and determination, and for making it very hard for us to select this year’s scholarship recipients.

Without further ado, the 2022 AgFed CU Foundation Scholarship recipients are Elaysia D., Justine C., Lauren M., and Sonia G.


2022 AgFed CU Foundation Scholarship Recipients

“Winning the AgFed CU Scholarship means the world to me! I can continue my education without worrying how I will pay my tuition. Thank you for this opportunity.”

– Elaysia D.

“Winning the AgFed scholarship means that I can better focus on achieving my educational & career goals and worry less about my college expenses. Thank you AgFed CU for supporting students in the community!”

– Sonia G.

“Winning the AgFed CU Foundation Scholarship means a lot to me, not only with aiding me financially in attending college, but also in recognizing my achievements. I am grateful for the AgFed CU Foundation’s support in my college journey, which will help me make the most of my higher education. It will allow me to continue to work hard and strive to reach my goals.

– Justine C.

“Being a recipient of a 2022 AgFed Scholarship means for me that I will be able to continue pursuing my dream as an educator in early and special education. This will allow me to continue serving my community. I  am so grateful to have been selected and the scholarship will help reduce some of the financial burden a college degree can create.”

– Lauren M.